ESC Exam

ESC Knowledge Based Assessment (KBA) in Cardiology

The ESC KBA Exam in Cardiology is a mandetory exam for SpR's in year three and takes place each June.  Arrangements for the exam are co-ordinated by the IBTCM and ESC.  Candidates will be informed of the need to sit the exam and of all necessary arrangements.  

The exam, which consists of 120 Multiple-Choice Questions and is computer based can be taken in a variety of exam centres in many countries.  Each candidate selects a time and venue of their choice.  

Results are available in mid-August and are communicated to candidates by the NSD's.

The 2015 exam will take place on Thursday June 18th.

To read the exam manual click here.

The cost of the exam is currently €175.00.  It may be possible to claim for the cost of the exam through the HSE Specialist Training Fund.
Click here for the guide to the fund and here for the application form.


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Any questions or queries please contact Barbra Dalton