Informal Meeting with NSD's:

SpR's have an opportunity to meet with the NSD's in an informal setting once a year. The purpose of this meeting is to provide a training update and to discuss future plans.  It is also an opportunity to raise any concerns or issues.  In addition the NSD's are available throughout the year to assist and advise as necessary.  If you wish to contact the NDS's by email please click here


Formal assessments take place each year from April - June.  These are organised by the RCPI - the date and time of which is arranged by one of the senior administrators.

A panel assesses each SpR against curriculum requirements and preveious assessments where appropriate.

Types of Assessment:

End of Year (EYA)

This asessment takes place in years 1-4.

Penultimate Year Assessment (PYA)

This assessment takes place before the final year of HST.  

Final Year Assessment (TYA)

This assessment takes place during the last year of HST.  The purpose of this assessment is to determine whether training is complete.